Cudlly toy pillow

Pillow is made of soft fabrics, silky microfiber with a composition of 100% polyester, with a weight of 110 GSM. The fabric is certified to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I. The filling is silicone down. It is modern and light fill pillows, jackets, "teddy bears" and other textile products. It is manufactured from thin siliconized polyester fibers which are formed into spheres with a diameter of approx. 0.5 cm. These fibers have an air duct and further torsionally crimped, providing spaciousness of the granulate, fluffiness and elasticity. Especially prized advantage down Lentex Ball is its ability to adjust to the shape of the head, so as to ensure the highest comfort of sleep and the fact that they are non-allergenic products. It can be washed in the washing machine after washing remains fluffy and springy. Used fluff is certified Oeko-Tex. Pillows are printed using digital printing, which is characterized by color intensity and durability printing.

  • Filling: silicone ball
  • Inlet: 100% polyester microfiber

Product was made from materials having certificate:

Available sizes:

  • 40x40 cm

Models list

In reality colours can differ a little from these on pictures

  • B-103
  • B-139
  • B-168
  • B-169
  • B-171
  • B-172
  • B-178
  • B-179
  • B-180
  • B-193
  • B-195
  • B-196
  • B-198
  • B-205
  • B-208
  • B-223
  • B-228
  • B-231
  • B-232
  • B-233
  • B-235
  • B-351
  • B-360
  • B-361